Welcome to NewStar, where excellence in animal feed manufacturing meets the dedication to quality and bespoke service. As a pivotal partner for small to medium-sized animal feed sellers, we specialize in producing high-quality, custom blends that not only comply with stringent regulatory standards but also elevate the nutritional value of animal diets.

At NewStar, your business growth is fueled by our commitment to excellence and innovation in feed solutions.


At the heart of NewStar’s operations lies our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which is equipped to handle a wide range of production demands. From vitamin and mineral premixes to tailored pelleted feeds and medicated crumbles, our capabilities are designed to offer flexibility and precision.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance: Our production processes adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring that every product meets the necessary food safety laws and guidelines. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, as we believe that the foundation of good feed begins with superior ingredients.
  • Customization and Personalization: Understanding that each client has unique needs, we offer precision blending services. Our experts work closely with you to develop proprietary blends that meet specific nutritional requirements, helping you to stand out in the competitive market.

Featured Capabilities

NewStar is proud to offer a variety of specialized services and products that cater to the nuanced needs of independent and growing feed businesses:

  • Feed Blends & Specialty Orders: Leveraging our expertise in sourcing and blending quality ingredients, we create customized feed mixes that enhance animal health and productivity.
  • Vitamin & Mineral Premixes: Our premixes are formulated to provide balanced nutrition, supporting overall animal well-being and performance.
  • Pelleted Feeds & Crumbles: Ideal for various animal types, our pelleted solutions ensure ease of handling, stability, and improved digestibility.

The NewStar Difference: Focus on People and Relationships

At NewStar, we believe that our strength lies in our relationships. We are more than a supplier; we are a partner who listens and responds to your needs with agility and expertise. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized service that supports the growth and success of your business.

Why NewStar?

Choose NewStar for your animal feed manufacturing needs and experience a partnership that prioritizes quality, innovation, and your business’s unique requirements. Join us in setting new standards in the feed industry, where your success is our priority. Connect with us today to learn more about how our custom solutions can benefit your business.

Ready to elevate your feed solutions? Contact NewStar today to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist you in achieving them.