Vendor Relationships

NewStar prides itself on bringing value to our suppliers. We recognize that our ability to compete in a challenging marketplace can depend greatly on the support of our key vendors. Our goal is to ensure that our suppliers recognize the impact NewStar makes on their business and we work hard to align ourselves with their key objectives.

At Elanco, we advance our vision of food and companionship enriching life by developing innovative solutions that protect and enhance animal health.

Since 1954, Elanco has been working to empower veterinarians, food producers, and all those concerned with animal health with the tools needed to help animals live healthy lives.

Our Vision: Food and Companionship Enriching Life

Our Promise: We will rigorously innovate to benefit our customers and improve the health of animals.

For Our Customers: We will be your advocate and continually earn your trust, improving the health of animals and creating value through innovative products, expertise and service.

Our Values
Integrity: Do the right thing in the right way.
Respect: Respect for people, our customers and the animals in their care.
Excellence: Be accountable. Continuously improve. Deliver with discipline.

NewStar, a select Channel Partner, offers a full array of Elanco medicated feed additives including: Rumensin, Denagard, Skycis, Tylan, Pulmotil, Optaflexx, Paylean, Experior, and Bovaerand.

Zoetis knows animal health is essential to public health and people’s well-being. They are the world’s leading animal health company and are driven by a singular purpose: to nurture our world and humankind by advancing care for animals. The use of science to sustain life is at the foundation of everything they do. Zoetis discovers, develops and manufactures vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and other technologies for companion animals and livestock.

Zoetis’ core beliefs are:
– Our colleagues make the difference
– Always do the right thing
– Customer obsessed
– Run it like you own it
– We are one Zoetis

Zoetis’ products and services support their livestock customers in their essential work to raise healthy cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and fish that provide safe, sustainable nutrition to our growing world.

Newstar offers a variety of Zoetis’ products.

Year after year, Bogs® continues to put feet first because they recognize the importance of a solid foundation. They believe that where you begin signals where you are going.

Like their footwear, they are tough. Instead of avoiding obstacles they face them head on. They don’t take shortcuts or naps, and are constantly adapting and pushing forward because their lives and their customers’ lives depend on it.

In their eyes, comfort isn’t an option but a requirement. Each Bogs boot and shoe is designed with high-quality materials that ensure exceptional protection from the elements. Durable, high-performance rubber seals out water, keeping feet safeguarded in challenging weather conditions. Neo-Tech™ insulation provides comfortable warmth in temperate to sub-zero climates. Finally, the non-slip rubber outsole offers reliable traction over wet and dry surfaces.

Bogs dares you to work and play longer. No matter how deep the snow, how torrential the downpour, or how uncomfortable the conditions, Bogs boots and shoes are ready.

NewStar offers a wide range of stocked boots as well as special order items.

Pharmax NA Inc., with its formulation division Nexatis, is specialized in supplying quality products to the animal nutrition, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. We are proud to be an approved supplier to Pfizer, Zoetis, Novartis and Phibro.

Since 2012, our regulatory team has attained and ensured the quality and compliance of our products achieving US Food and Drug Administration and CEP certification. Rainbowlabs, a subsidiary testing laboratory, is approved by the FDA for quality control to guarantee both product reliability and consistency to the highest standard. Our Quality Assurance team safeguards the integrity and sustainability of our production processes and supply chain.

Products in stock at NewStar include: Copper Chloride, Zinc Hydrochloride, and Manganese Hydrochloride.

Bringing science alive in a way it touches numerous lives across the globe, every day, is a pursuit that gives us much joy. It’s about discovery and refinement. About drawing out the very best from science to enrich lives.

We harness the power of science and technology to bring innovative solutions into areas that impact our senses and everyday life – from food to fragrance to animal nutrition to pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. It’s fine sciences for fine living.

Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) is the leading integrated manufacturer of the most preferred traditional antioxidants (Shelf Life Solutions) available. At CFS, we focus on four key businesses– shelf life solutions, aroma ingredients, health & wellness and performance chemicals. Apart from offering high-quality traditional antioxidants for the food, petfood, and animal nutrition industry, we have a product basket which can cater to a wide range of industries. Over the last three decades, we have earned customer loyalty with our market knowledge and expertise, product offering and customer service.

Our passion for science and our innovative edge has given our customers greater control over their product basket and has earned us a distinct place in the world of fine sciences.