Founded in January 2017, NewStar Sourcing and Service may be short on history but we are long on experience. We have assembled a team whose knowledge and skill in the areas of procurement, sales, logistics, and warehousing are unparalleled in the industry.

Our purchasing team brings decades of local, national, and global experience to the table. Years of strong partnerships with key suppliers ensures that NewStar will always secure competitive pricing on critical products from trusted sources. With a wide product offering, NewStar is ideally positioned to meet all our customers feed ingredient needs.

There are both purpose and emphasis behind the words “Sourcing” and “Service” in our name. Our commitment to our customers is to be outstanding both in terms of our ability to source goods on their behalf and to deliver them on time and in good order.


Warehousing techniques in the feed industry haven’t changed much in the last 40 years. Here at NewStar, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology which will create a large efficiency and food safety gap between ourselves and our competition.

By utilizing VNA (very narrow aisle) infrastructure and installing heavy-duty racking up to 30 feet high, NewStar will be able to maximize storage capacity while minimizing square footage, energy, and manpower. The efficient use of space allows that every pallet is aisle-facing and easy to access, thus ensuring first-in-first-out and a high level of pest control.

We know we are in a highly competitive market and truly believe that advancements such as these will set us apart in the eyes of our customers and suppliers.


Special equipment (turret trucks manufactured in Germany) has been purchased to further automate the process. These trucks are navigated “smart” trucks which are programmed to interface with NewStar’s ERP system. Using bar-coding and lot control, the trucks are programmed to, with a high level of automation, select the products needed for order fulfillment, know their location in the warehouse to within 1/16 of an inch, and quickly bring them to the proper loading station.


Greg Lawfer
Greg LawferTerritory Manager
WI, E. MN, N. IL
Karley Kenney
Karley KenneyTerritory Manager
E. IA, S. IL
Tony Chism
Tony ChismTerritory Manager
Kyle Van Vugt
Kyle Van VugtTerritory Manager
W. IA, W. MN, SD
Keith Prohaska
Keith ProhaskaTerritory Manager
Richard Pearl
Richard PearlTerritory Manager
Tony Colanino
Tony ColaninoPresident
Ted Brands
Ted BrandsVice President
Tyler Brown
Tyler BrownPurchasing Manager
Justin Diggins
Justin DigginsOperations Manager
Vickie Jackson
Vickie JacksonAccounting Manager